About Dogs on the Run
    Dogs on the Run was established in 2001, I was inspired by the
    love that I have for my dog Cutie.  Cutie is a very picky eater,
    and I tried many different foods and she turned every single one
    down, so I begun doing research and I started making her dog
    treats and food. She loved the treats and food and would not
    eat anything else.   It didn't stop there I made her dog beds,
    clothes and whatever I thought she might like.  Cutie really
    loved all the attention and things she got.  Other people started
    to notice and asked me to make stuff for their dogs too.  I loved
    Cutie so much and though that she is so fortunate that I wanted
    to do something for other dogs, so I  begun to volunteer at the
    Humane Society,  just playing and walking the dogs.  I noticed
    that the dogs were in very bad condition, because the Humane
    Society does not have a pet groomer. I didn't know how to
    groom,  but I wanted to help so I would bathe the dogs and do
    what I could make them look better. This inspired me to become
    a pet groomer, so I seeked professional training.  I wanted to
    give dogs the personal attention they need, so Dogs on the
    Run was born,  here we pamper dogs using the best products
    available and personalized attention, no waiting in cages for
    hours, just a relaxing experience.  We also carry lots of pet
    clothing and accessories, gourmet fresh baked treats and much
    more.  Come and see us and become another satisfied

    To better serve you, we only take appointments. Give us a call
    (915) 771-0117