Hi! I'm Cutie
Welcome to Dogs on the Run
9927 Montana Ave.
Pet beds, greeting cards, pet shampoos,
colognes, rhinestone collars
Personalized collars, sun glasses, pet
carriers, pet bowls, strollers
T-shirts, dresses, personalized tshirts, football and
basketball team wear.
Collars, leashes, harnesses, pet grooming
Gourmet Dog treats in 20 diffrent flavors, Puppy cake, puptatoe chips
Our very own Cutie's Frozen Treats : Pupsicles, yogurt cones, yogurt cups, mini paws in 5
diffrent flavors banana, peanut butter, bacon, chicken and carob
Our newly remodeled grooming area with 3 grooming stations 2 drying stations .
Grooming by appointment only
We use only premium all natural espree shampoos : Oatmeal medicated,  whiteting, baking
soda oatmeal, perfect plum, energee, berry delight, deshedding , deshedding treatment,
honey and milk, honey oat conditioner.