Personalized Pet Collar $7 Available in Pink, Blue, Red, Black,
Brown & Violet
Letters $1 ea Charms $1-$2 ea
Personalized Pet Harness
available in Red, Blue, Hot
Pink, Red, Black, Dark
Blue.  Only for Tea Cups.
Rhinestone Collars $10
Available in Red, Pink, Blue
up to 14"
Leather Rhinestone Buckle Collar $7  
Available in Red, Pink, Black, Blue,
Violet, Brown. Up to 14"
Soft Mesh Harness $13 Available in Red, Pink, Blue
Size Xsmall. Small, Medium, Large, Xlarge.
Pet Beaded Necklaces in Crystal and Fresh Water Pearls with a Charm $8 Size Small up to 13"
Hair Accessories & Collar Charms
Hair Accessories from $.50 to $3.99
Lots to choose from clips and rubber
bands, head bands and more.
Charms $1- $2
Pet Carriers
Pet Carriers $30
up to 11 lbs
Compaq and Style
Pet Clothing
Pet clothing start at $7- $15  Lots to choose from new arrivals every season.  
Bring your pet and try on outfits. Exchanges with in a week, no refunds.  Gift
cards available.